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How Therapy Changed My Life

“After evaluating all of your tests, I have diagnosed you with ADHD, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, and Persistent Depressive Disorder…”was what the Psychologist said to me in January 2017. Although she kept talking, I could no…

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You ARE Capable of Love

You ARE Capable of Love As a child, you dreamed of love. You watched movies of the damsel in distress getting saved by her prince charming and dreamed of one day having your happily ever…

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The Year of NO

The Year of NO “No.” Such a simple word that means so much. For children, it is a way for them to celebrate their newly found independence. It is a healthy, normal part of a…

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Don’t Look Back

Don’t Look Back “Go Jasmine!!” “You’re almost there!” I could see the finish line ahead of me and my teammate’s chants motivated me. I was only about 75 meters away from the goal. I just…

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Why Delay Isn’t Denial

Why Delay Isn’t Denial “Flight 3497 has been delayed to 1:15, we are sorry for the inconvenience; there is heavy air traffic at JFK.” My frustration grew because this was the 3rd time they delayed…

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